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We enrol children throughout the year and the availability of the space in the classroom.
We place the child in the class strictly by the age of the child.


For Preschoolers:
0-1 years Babies class       (Olive)
2-3 years  Toddlers class   (Daisy )
3-4 years Nursery class     (Buttercup)
4-5 years Reception class  (Buzy Bees)


For Primary Schoolers:
5-6 years         (Year 1 Class)
6-7 years         (Year 2 Class)
7- 8 years        (Year 3 Class)
8 - 9 years       (Year 4 Class)
9  - 10 Years     (Year 5 class)
10 to 11 years    (Year 6 Class)


We also offer 4 programs for families to choose from:
Morning session ( 7:30-1:30pm) recommended for children under 2
Full day program ( 7:30-3:30)
Extended day program ( 7:30-5pm)
Flexible program ( 75 days a year or 3 times a week) - not recommended for children 2+


Fee Structure
Each academic year has three terms .
Annual Tuition Fees include:
Term 1- September to December
Term 2- January to March
Term 3- April to June
All extra curriculum activities


Tuition Fees don't include

  • Lunch
  • School Uniforms
  • Textbooks or working books


After School program
We have a siblings discount - 5% discount for each child more than 1 and 10% discount for each child for more than 2. 20% discount on Annual Tuition payment - if paid upfront.


To enroll at Little and Lovely International School, follow this simple step by step process:

  • Book a tour at the Little and Lovely International School Location.
  • Read our parents hand book
  • Complete the Registration form
  • Complete the Registration process
  • Prepare
  • Join Little and Lovely


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