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Primary curriculum
Year 1 to 6 ( 5 to 11 years)

We use the Cambridge primary curriculum for the core subjects English, Mathematics and Science.
We use the English National curriculum as a foundation for other subjects such as History, geography, Art, physical Education, Computing.


French is taught from age 4.
Teachers use a wide range of strategies to deliver curriculum content such as investigations, interactive, hands on projects, games, informal discussion and outdoor learning.

Our teachers prepare and deliver their lessons using a range of resources aimed to interest and inspire the students.

The Cambridge framework provides curricular for key subjects of English, Mathematics, science.
Other subjects are Art, geography, history ,ICT, Physical Education and Personal ,Social and Health Education. French as a second Language.
Where we believe we excel is putting the child and his needs and situation first.


Our Ethos
We want our students to learn in a happy, secure environment in which they are suitably nurtured, encouraged, challenged and where they can reach their full potential.


Children's social and emotional well-being is an integral part of our philosophy here at LLIS.


Our teachers have a holistic view of each child as a learner and are skilled at helping all children in their care develop into confident, positive and resilient young people who love learning and who are equipped to deal with the challenges of the 21st century.


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